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Shout out to TFLA's March Sponsors of the Month:  Language Testing International and Education Perfect!

LUV partners your students with peers around the world for engaging collaborative exchanges in the target language that build their cultural competence and communication skills.  Learn more and register here!

Click here to learn about EP's complete online WL Curriculum and supplement!
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Summer Institute 2022

Lead with Languages in Texas!  If you had:  FREE access to meet and think with the brightest World Language minds in Texas, FREE access to research-based, TEKS AND T-TESS ALIGNED information on planning, instruction and assessment, and FREE access to information to help move the needle on student proficiency WHAT WOULD YOU DO?  The answer is simple; you would take it!  How can you do all of this and more?  Become a Texas Language Leader!  Texas Language Leaders is a think tank where World Language educators critically examine issues and challenge beliefs regarding World Language learning and leadership.  Increase your knowledge, expand your network, and get great ideas to help you excel at work!  Registration for all TxLL think tanks is FREE and OPEN to every World Language educator in the state. 

Annual Fall Conference 2022

TxLAD - January 2023

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